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13th-May-2007 12:16 pm - ScenarioSmut, a new fanfic board
This is GAH at its finest, for those 18+. Het, slash (M/M, F/F), naughty captions to images from the show. Have fun. Ignore the "slash" in the URL, it covers anything 18 or older.

14th-Oct-2006 09:30 pm - Rare fandoms coming in!
towel and topiary
yuletide is a fic exchange that focuses on rare fandoms only. They are taking suggestions for fandoms now, but you can only suggest six. I've already put forward "Greatest American Hero" and "I Spy," but it occurs to me that I would love to see a "Bob and Ted and Carol and Alice" fic. I can change my request form, but I thought I'd mention yuletide here, first. If any of you are thinking of participating, could you possibly make that one of your nominations? And really, I hope you all do join in, because the more Culp-based fic out there, the happier the world would be. *smile*
24th-Sep-2006 09:08 pm - Robert Culp Weekly Chat
A weekly chat for Robert Culp makes its debut on Monday, September 25, 2006, at 8PM PDT, 11PM EDT. We'll be doing it in AIM, AOL's instant messaging program. It's free to download, easy to install and learn, and you don't need to be a member of AOL to use it.


When you get your ID, add me as buddy and I'll invite you in on Monday evening. My ID on there is seattlekos.

We'll be discussing a wide range of topics, focused on Robert Culp. It could be his characters, or writing, artwork, whatever. An informal agenda will be drawn up to keep the conversation flowing and entertaining. I expect it'll last about an hour or so, but may go longer if folks want to hang about. All are welcomed to join, and our goal is to keep it at a PG-13 level.

As of now, it's scheduled at the same time every Monday night, until further notice. Hope to see everyone there!
28th-Jan-2006 10:17 am - Check out the RC proboard, c'mon.
enterprise ncc-1701 trek_grrl star trek
Y'all should really go check the RC board. As much as I wish this LJ community was active, and don't want to detract from it, the RC board is a lot busier, if for no other reason than us three administrators (aka Maxwell Maniacs) are having a ball posting and putting up images and cool captions and all sorts of mayhem.

We don't focus JUST on Bill, btw; Kelly's got quite a lot of threads going as well in various sections. And lots of other stuff, like Culp guest-starring on various shows and in movies, and things about his "Trackdown" character (including some great images I took from the memorabilia my sis got me for Christmas!)
24th-Dec-2005 02:02 pm - A Culp Message Board
I don't want to detract from this LJ community, but there's a new message board that was just created last night (Friday the 23rd) dedicated to the man and his characters, primarily (for now), Kelly Robinson and Bill Maxwell.

You're welcomed to come visit! Some areas are age-restricted and password-protected, 'cause we want to be able to talk freely and uncensored. If one of us mods know you from another board, or this LJ, we will probably give you the password; just ask.

Discuss fanfiction, load images, talk about Mr Culp and his talented career, whatever you would in this community.

HEre's the link:


Hope to see you around!
10th-Dec-2005 12:36 pm - The current background image
That gorgeous picture of Robert is from an episode of "I Spy." It is from my pal on the GAH board, MrsMaxwell. What is it about him in blue?

Like this beautiful picture, that I always refer to as "Bill in Blue," also from MrsMaxwell, and without a doubt my very favorite picture of Bill Maxwell:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(Just had to add this, but it's too big for the background image unfortunately.)

Feel free to share images and icons you have of Robert and/or his characters.
10th-Dec-2005 12:21 pm - Fanfic Featuring Robert's Characters
Y'all should check out the fanfic over on http://www.fanfiction.net/ for both GAH and I Spy.

There's a new author in town, by the name of "and her magical cat roscoe" on FF.net. Her name on this LJ community is and_roscoe. She's been writing some great stuff, along with Lone Wolfette and others (I must admit I haven't read them all yet).

Another really good writer, who seems to focus more on I Spy, is supermantn. Read "Why Spy?". This author, and I must admit I don't know if male or female, REALLY knows both Kelly and Bill. Now that I know Kelly better, and re-read this story, I realized how incredibly well the author did keeping Bill and Kelly very distinctive characters (like Culp did when he portrayed them). I told the author it's a testament to their great writing! (Oh yeah, it's a IS/GAH crossover.)

GAH fic: http://www.fanfiction.net/l/877/3/0/1/1/0/0/0/0/0/1/

Sadly, FF.net doesn't have an I Spy section for some reason. You may find some through TV Crossovers, however, or link through supermantn's author profile.

If any of you know any fanfic based on Robert's characters, and you'd like to recommend it, please let us know. I've only found stuff on FF.net and the adultfanfiction.net site (okay, it's bare bones stuff... only one completed story so far and it's mine).

And while I still have your attention, there're some stories out there with Bill and Pam being "together," if you know what I mean. Check 'em out. I'm going to be posting an MA-rated version of "To the Wild Country" to AFF.net sometime soon. Keep in touch if you want to know when it's posted.
4th-Dec-2005 09:49 pm - A little bit about Bill Maxwell
This is really cool: one of our newest members got a screencap of Bill's FBI information from the GAH ep "Heaven Is In Your Genes," and this is what it said:

Forget Superfly, we've got Super-Fed.Collapse )

I find it odd that they have Bill being FOUR YEARS older than Robert. He's aged so gracefully, and is still so very handsome in the show, that he should've been four years YOUNGER. But then again, he couldn't have "caught one in the lung" in Korea, as mentioned in "Operation: Spoilsport." Or had Captain Winslow carry him across fifteen miles of frozen real estate in Korea, as mentioned in "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys." Two of the very best episodes, IMO.
1st-Nov-2005 11:44 pm - GAH Fanfic of Epic Proportions
If you visit my livejournal, you can read the big "novel" for Greatest American Hero that I'm writing for National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo. It's a continuation of the ep "Who's Woo in America," that has Barbara Hale, William Katt's mother IRL, playing Paula Hinkley.

It turns alternate universe after the episode ends; she and Bill end up marrying and he, of course, becomes Ralph's stepfather! It's fluff and fun, and not meant to be a "real" part of any GAH fanfic I write. Sort of a "what if?" scenario.

I say "novel" because it's going to be a minimum of 50,000 words (my biggest story to date, a MASH story, is 'only' 39,500). Comments are always welcomed.
25th-Oct-2005 04:18 am - Lots more icons coming and a question
Finally got the DVDs of Greatest American Hero, and I'm hoping to get the I Spy collection next up. So, needless to say, a LOT of icons coming down the pike, whoo hoo!!

And my question: is Trackdown available on any DVDs?
20th-Oct-2005 11:08 am - Robert Culp Icons.
Some of these may be repeats of icons I've posted previously. This sums up what I've got so far. Use them as you will, credit me or not, but comments are always awesome. 19 to choose from.

I'm still relatively new to icon-making, so some are kinda rough looking.

We love Bob.Collapse )
16th-Oct-2005 02:56 am - One icon
They Spy
Use as you will.
9th-Oct-2005 10:35 am - Robert knows how to handle a gun.
We've all seen him shooting in "I Spy" and "The Greatest American Hero," of course, but I found, talking about TV westerns:

"I really enjoyed Rick Hacker's article, "The Guns That Won the TV West" (February 2002, p. 60). It brought back pangs of nostalgia. I remember seeing every show mentioned, but you missed one goodie. Robert Culp played a lawman of some sort in Texas, and actually carried and seemed to know how to use his Smith & Wesson Schofield!" Here's the addy of where I found it: http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3623/is_200204/ai_n9083999

Of course, the writer is talking about Robert in "Trackdown," in which he played a Texas Ranger (eat your heart out, Walker!) I don't recall his character's name, not ever seeing the show. If I remember right, Robert would've been only about 27 years old when he did this.

Kelly Robinson:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Bill Maxwell:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Bill even wears his gun when he's home in his scivvies. Talk about hard-core!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(I'll put in one of his "Trackdown" character when I get one.)
6th-Oct-2005 03:09 pm - Broken Images
I had to clean out my photobucket, so I removed some images and icons (yes, even of Robert Culp, much as it pained me.) My apologies in advance if you don't see something that should be there. You're welcomed to peruse my photobucket at http://photobucket.com/albums/b237/stanford9/ for more Robert Culp as himself, Kelly Robinson and Bill Maxwell.
28th-Sep-2005 11:49 pm - Six Degrees of Separation
My pal J-Man on the GAH board did the footwork for me, but here's MY connection!

My son
Krist Novoselic (son's cousin) of Nirvana
Nirvana performs on SNL
Robert Culp hosts SNL in January, 1982

Four degrees, whoo hoo!! (I shaved off two degrees when I learned Robert hosted SNL, during the time he was on GAH as Bill Maxwell. Needless to say, I've GOT to get a copy of that episode!)

I personally like what I said on that thread better: Culp and I both graduated in Seattle (granted, he did from the UW, I did from Evergreen High School, but still... we were both transplants to the area, attending school soon after.)
Can be found here: http://www.tv-now.com/stars/rculp.html (awesome site, I'm so glad I found this on the GAH board!)

I also just learned that on Yahoo's TV area, you can do an advanced search by cast member, up to 14 days ahead! I discovered "I Spy" is being shown on ALN (AmericanLife Network)!

I've been using the Yahoo feature, because once you do the search and look up the listing, you have the option of adding it to your Yahoo calendar. It's making it very easy to track Culp's TV shows, guest appearances and movies! October 12 is going to be fun; he's in "I Spy," "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Diagnosis Murder." It'll be a Robert Culp day!
28th-Sep-2005 09:04 am - I Spy "The Warlord" Icons
Feel free to use these, credit me or not, but a comment would be lovely if you favor a particular one or two.

Robert Culp is the Warlord.Collapse )
Go here to read a good, in-depth synopsis and analysis of the movie Robert starred in with Samantha Eggar.


(Just to let you know, this leads to a synopsis of an R-rated movie.)
25th-Sep-2005 12:57 pm - Culp's Commentary on "The Warlord."
Some very interesting information, both about Robert and the work he did on this excellent episode.

Read more...Collapse )
22nd-Sep-2005 11:22 pm - B&C&T&A Icons
Feel free to use any of these, credit me or not. Comments are cool though.

Icons of Bob.Collapse )
20th-Sep-2005 10:01 pm - Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
OK, this movie isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Major spoilers, so if you really don't wanna know, don't read this.

See this movie once, if you're a Robert Culp fan.Collapse )
20th-Sep-2005 09:59 pm - Oh yeah. Kelly Robinson.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(Stolen from MrsMaxwell, my fellow RC fan.)
I've seen six of the seven episodes from Robert on the Robert Culp Collection, and I have to say, hands down, that "Magic Mirror" was by far my favorite.

Certainly the others were awesome, some moreso than others, but THIS one, oh goodness. It was so powerful, his acting, the dialogue, the guest-stars.
Read more. Major spoilers abound.Collapse )
I've considered Robert one of my very favorite actors since the early 80's, when GAH was out, but sadly for a time I kinda lost interest in not only him, but other fandom favorites too (life... whatcha gonna do?) Well, in early August 2005, while staying with a friend while I was mid-move to a new place, I re-discovered why I loved Robert in the first place, when I watched many eps of GAH on friend's DVDs.

Once settled in to the new digs, I immediately began researching all I could on Robert on the Internet, a tool I didn't have, of course, when GAH was out so many years ago. I've learned so much more about him that I never knew, and one factoid REALLY surprised me: the Star Trek Connection.

I'm first and foremost a Trekker (classic, of course), so when I saw this, I totally flipped (see Eminem and Robert entry too; this is on a similar note, seeing two favorites connected like this).

How is Robert in any shape or form connected to Trek?

Via the woman he was married to at the time, France Nuyen.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

They met and were married when he was making "I Spy" (she appeared in four episodes) AND they were married when she guest-starred on the Trek ep "Elaan of Troyius." She's basically the equivalent of Helen of Troy (Roddenberry didn't mask that too well, Elaan/Helen, Troyius/Troy, Elas/Hellas/Greece, etc.)

(I stole the pic from startrek.com, the official Trek website. Go visit, it's fascinating, as Spock would say.)
17th-Sep-2005 06:35 pm - Some kick-ass "I Spy" sites
I've personally viewed these sites, and they RAWK!!

http://i-spy.150m.com/index.html (Credit to this site for some of the great images I've been posting.)

There're more links from there for you to explore.
These are the seven episodes of "I Spy" that Robert wrote. I got the warm fuzzy of going TO the store and buying these, at Tower Records in Seattle (5th and Roy, at the Center). I literally squealed in the young lady's ear when she said they had both discs, and she'd put them on reserve for me. Tower rules; if you can't find it there, it can't be found, 'cept online.

(Parenthetical statements are mine.)

Collection 1 So Long, Patrick Henry

"So Long, Patrick Henry" (First aired episode of "I Spy". Robert had a nasty case of the flu when the running sequences were being shot, and he said Cos had to hold him up most of the time, by the belt and off-camera, for this one. Seeing the scene where they pause, and Kelly's panting for breath, you can tell Robert's sick as a dog, but it works because they'd supposedly been running for HOURS, from dark till past dawn.)
"The Loser" (Robert said in his commentary that this was what he considered his best, I think at least of the three on Disc One. Eartha Kitt does an amazing job in this one, playing a junkie.)
"The Tiger" (This was by far my favorite of the three, although they're all excellent. Robert and France Nuyen met for the first time shortly before this was filmed, and Robert wanted her for the role of Sam McLean.)

Collection 2 The War Lord

"Court of the Lion" (Directed by Robert as well)
"The War Lord" (I read one commentary that said Culp does such a great job in this ep, that she didn't even realize it WAS Culp until about half-way through.)
"Magic Mirror" (It's a first: Robert, as Kelly Robinson, truly scared me in this one. My heart's still racing, it's that good.)
"Home to Judgment" (I've seen this ep labeled the very best ep of "I Spy" EVER. I cried.)

09/20/2005 Afterburn: I'm saving "The Warlord" and Robert's commentary on Disc Two for last. That's why, so far, I'm calling "Magic Mirror" my favorite of the six I've seen. Granted, they're ALL excellent, and no, I'm not just saying that 'cause Robert wrote them. In fact, I was bitching about something in "Magic Mirror" over on the GAH board...more on that in another post. You know, I just realized something: my two favorite eps so far, "The Tiger" and "Magic Mirror," both had France Nuyen in them as Sam Phan McLean. She's a truly gifted actress (if you haven't seen her in "Elaan of Troyius" on the original Star Trek, you really should), and she and Robert have an obvious chemistry (well, adding to the fact they were also married for a time, in the 60's.)
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