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Robert Culp
All Robert Culp, All The Time.
Six Degrees of Separation 
28th-Sep-2005 11:49 pm
My pal J-Man on the GAH board did the footwork for me, but here's MY connection!

My son
Krist Novoselic (son's cousin) of Nirvana
Nirvana performs on SNL
Robert Culp hosts SNL in January, 1982

Four degrees, whoo hoo!! (I shaved off two degrees when I learned Robert hosted SNL, during the time he was on GAH as Bill Maxwell. Needless to say, I've GOT to get a copy of that episode!)

I personally like what I said on that thread better: Culp and I both graduated in Seattle (granted, he did from the UW, I did from Evergreen High School, but still... we were both transplants to the area, attending school soon after.)
25th-Sep-2006 04:29 am (UTC)
Hey, my degrees of separation have been narrowed down, yea! I now work for UW Medicine, which is (of course) a part of the University of Washington. Mr. Culp graduated from the UW/Seattle. QED.
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