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Robert Culp
All Robert Culp, All The Time.
A little bit about Bill Maxwell 
4th-Dec-2005 09:49 pm
This is really cool: one of our newest members got a screencap of Bill's FBI information from the GAH ep "Heaven Is In Your Genes," and this is what it said:


DOB 6/5/26

Field Agent, F.B.I.
Los Angeles, California

Solve and Find -
completion percentage 98.7%

Estimated deductive reasoning capacity:
Above Genius

Follow Through - high normal
Focus - high normal
Aggressiveness - high normal
Field Service - high normal
Self-defense - high normal

Served U.S. Army 1949-54
1) Purple Heart with Clusters
2) Decorated for valor

I find it odd that they have Bill being FOUR YEARS older than Robert. He's aged so gracefully, and is still so very handsome in the show, that he should've been four years YOUNGER. But then again, he couldn't have "caught one in the lung" in Korea, as mentioned in "Operation: Spoilsport." Or had Captain Winslow carry him across fifteen miles of frozen real estate in Korea, as mentioned in "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys." Two of the very best episodes, IMO.
10th-Dec-2005 08:20 pm (UTC)
I realized something about this information after giving it some thought. In the same episode, when Pam's looking at a lamp Bill had made from a foot casting, she said that it was from his second collar as a rookie agent, in JUNE 1953. Now, this document says he was in the Army till 1954. The Korean conflict ended in July 1953. So something's not adding up.

The reason I was pondering this, is that I really don't want to make Bill four years older than Robert was when he played him. I'd be more inclined to make him four years YOUNGER than Robert at the time, since the man's aged so beautifully, lol!

GAH wasn't the greatest in the world about continuity; I think it was pretty sloppy of SJC, to tell you the truth. Like someone on the GAH board pointed out, they also didn't anticipate we'd have DVDs nowadays, and could freeze-frame and look at the tiniest little details. Like who's the guy going into the dressing room in "The Great Carlini," with the pirate outfit on? Sure ain't Robert Culp! But I digress.
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